Colorado Springs Roof Insurance Claim Process

Colorado PRO Roofing offers step by step guidance on how to file an insurance claim to receive a new roof. We also personally guide clients through the process, to make it as easy as possible to file for an insurance claim on your roof. We assist clients with every step of the process.


Schedule a free roof inspection with Colorado Pro Roofing so we can assess the condition of your roof and provide our expert evaluation.


If we do find that your roof has experienced storm damage and may qualify for an insurance claim, your field rep can either contact your insurance company on your behalf or recommend you contact your insurance company to file a claim.


Once the claim is filed, an insurance adjuster will contact the homeowner and/or Colorado Pro Roofing to set up an appointment to inspect the roof. One of our consultants must be present for this inspection.  You must be fully represented!


Once the inspection is complete the adjuster will discuss their evaluation and let you know the damage they found and if it qualifies for a claim.


The adjuster will send you all the paperwork stating the damages to your roof and what items are being covered by the insurance company and at what cost. Always allow your Colorado Pro Roofing consultant the opportunity to review these documents so we can make sure every issue has been accounted for and nothing has been overlooked.


Now that your roof has been approved, we will discuss a job date and go over various roof options that are available along with payment schedules for the project.


The insurance company will likely send two separate checks to cover the cost of the roof or repairs.   The first payment will be your claim items A.C.V. – Actual Cash Value, which is the current value of your claim item based on age.  Once you receive the first check payment, we can move forward with scheduling your repairs.  We are not allowed, by law, to discount or cover any deductibles when working on an insurance claim.  Please refer to our section covering the SB-38 Regulations for insurance claims repairs.


Once the job is complete for the repairs we are completing, we will submit all necessary paperwork including a certificate of completion to the insurance company so they will release the final payment.  Final payment will only be released if your policy has a depreciation allowance included in your policy.  If your policy does not include depreciation then you will not receive any further funds.  Please consult your insurance provider before any claims to verify your policy coverage and payout guidelines


If your policy is a policy that included depreciation you will receive a second and final payment from your insurance provider once the project is completed.  The final payment will include all depreciation, and supplement items pre-authorized before project repairs began.  The final payment process is easiest if the homeowner endorses the second check to Colorado Pro Roofing to eliminate the final process delays.  Once final payment is paid the process is complete!

Final step

Once the project is complete your labor warranty will begin and your field rep will provide all of the final documents for your project and go over any final questions.